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About the Blogger

I would introduce myself as a guy interested in Medicine and Internet.
I am the founder Editor of Asian Student Medical Journal and Internet Health.I have also played key role in the creation and revival of Open Access Journals like Calicut Medical Journal and Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences, of which I am Editorial board member.

I also maintain the E-Health adversities research Database [E-HARD], which is one of the pioneer websites collecting evidence on  E-Health adversities.

My Expertise is in Low cost Medical Information and Alert Systems and Open Access Publishing.I have a number of papers published in peer reviewed publications [see full list],authored some books[see full list] and have presented at some conferences.

This website is an earnest endeavour on my part to share my experiences in integrating internet and medicine.

My other interests apart from Research are art[digital art], web designing [ the exact reason I founded MedPub and created virtualmed, virtualmedicine, medlib and medicalinformatics], writing[see articles page] and of course sleeping…